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Dungeons and Dragons but with a Deck of Cards instead of Dice

The other day I was on a train heading back home with some friends. We were kind of bored so I fumbled around my jacket looking for something to entertain us in lieu of everyone retreating to their phones. I pulled out a deck of cards and we started talking about what we could play. We didn't have a table or anything to put the cards on so most of our ideas fell flat. Being a game designer though I wouldn't let that stop me and figured that I could come up with something.

Recently some of my other designer friends were trying to demake popular games, and it was neat to see how they took the complexities of something like Overwatch and boiled it down to its core elements. So why not try to do the same thing with Dungeons and Dragons?

Thus "Dungeons and Dragons but with a Deck of Cards instead of Dice" was born. 
Sort of. That first time we were on the train I was just kind of figuring things out as we went, and I'm still trying to figure out a couple of things. Du…

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