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Booyo Park Postmortem

Booyo Park is a mixed reality experience that utilizes the HP Omen VR Backpack, headsets, and various cameras to give players a fully mobile mixed reality experience. The game itself is something akin to a virtual petting zoo where players can use their hands to poke, push, and play with Booyos, virtual creatures that exist on top of our world.

    Booyo Park was made as a part of my 4th year capstone project for Sheridan College's Honours Bachelor of Game Design. For our capstone year, in addition to pursuing our own projects, we had the opportunity to work on one of several projects sponsored by another company. My team and I decided that this would be a good opportunity to learn from working with another company and so we ended up working with Shadow Factory, a Hong Kong based VR development studio who we would meet with weekly for feedback and progress reports. Shadow Factory wanted to see if we could develop an unrestricted VR experience using the HP Omen VR Backpacks that ha…

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